Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How can Headlight Restoration Pros help me?

A:    If you need your headlights restored, the HRP Shop Directory can help you find a professional headlight restoration products or service in your area.

Q:  Should I restore headlights myself or use a professional service?

A:    Just like anything in life, if you really want to do it yourself, you can! If you are willing to learn and buy all the right products and equipment, you should be able to do a pretty good job restoring headlights. However, if you are pressed for time and don’t want the hassle of buying all the stuff needed, you may want to consider using a professional service.

Q:  What does Headlight Restoration Pros do?

A:   We provide an online business directory and mobile app that only lists professional headlight restoration products and service providers. We also help inform the public about the dangers of driving at night with dim, poor performing cloudy headlights.

Q:  Why should I restore my headlights?

A:   The number one reason is safety! You will be amazed how much better you can see the road at night after a professional headlight restoration service. Also, your vehicle appearance and resell value will greatly improve.

Q:  How do I know they will do a good job restoring my headlights?

A:   All shops listed in the directory are certified to be knowledgeable in headlight restoration, plus all shops listed offer a one year (or more) satisfaction guarantee on headlight restoration service.

Q:   How much does it cost for headlight restoration?

A:   The average price is approximately $75 for both headlights. Each shop is independently owned and operated. Pricing varies depending on shop, location, type of restoration, and other factors such as headlight condition.

Q:   Is there a charge for mobile service?

A:   Most of the shops listed do not charge extra for mobile service. Not all shops offer mobile service.  Each shop is independently owned and operated.

Q:   Why should I use the Headlight Restoration Pros Business Directory?

A:   It is always better to use a trusted, certified business and we only list professional headlight restoration service providers.The one year minimum satisfaction guarantee on headlight restoration service is also a very great reason.

Q:   How do I list my headlight restoration business?

A:   Please use this link to list your headlight restoration business: Add Listing

Q:   If I list my headlight restoration business with HRP, where will my listing appear?

A.   After you create your listing and add keywords, the major search engines will index your listing (usually right away) and your listing will be found on Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. Think of your listing as a one page website that links back to your company website, helping your overall exposure and web presence.

Q:  Do you charge for Certification?

A:   No. Shop Certification is included with the annual listing provided that your headlight restoration service includes a basic warranty that guarantees the restoration for a minimum of one year.

Q:  How can I reach Headlight Restoration Pros?

A:   Click on: Contact Us   Or you can call us at 1-800 269-1150 M-F 9am to 5pm PST